How to use the Vaults?

Let's start earning real-world yield

Now that you have flrEUR (on Arbitrum) in your MetaMask Wallet, head over to and click 'Launch app'

You will then be greeted with two vaults. The Caple Vault and the Junior Vault.

In this example, we will be using the Caple Vault. To open the vault, click ‘Open Vault'.

Once you have opened the vault, you will need to supply flrEUR. Enter the desired amount of flrEUR you would like to supply into the vault and click Supply.

On the Loan Vault dashboard, you can now see more detailed info about the Loan Vault such as an in-depth description of the loan pool and the previous loan history, as well as current loans and their respective information.

Once you have clicked Supply, you will be prompted to approve the transactions on MetaMask. After completion of all transactions, you will have supplied flrEUR into the vault and you will then see your supplied flrEUR in ‘My position’.

And that's it! You are now all set and will begin earning Real World Yield!

In order to withdraw your flrEUR simply input how much flrEUR you would like to withdraw, click the Withdraw button and follow the instructions in your wallet.

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