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Blocmates - Florence Finance: Connecting DeFi to Real-World Lending

Blocmates - Florence Finance Explained Real-World Yields

Bixin - Revolutionizing DeFi Lending: Exclusive Interview with Florence Finance | Bixin Talk

@CeazorsSnackSandwich - Florence Finance - $flrEUR - Connecting Real World Loans to DeFi

@Leviathan_News - Opening Europe for RWA's with Chiel Ruiter of Florence Finance

@florencefinance - Florence Finance, driving the real world asset revolution in crypto≠≠

@florencefinance - Why SME's matter

@florencefinance - Stable Coins & Crypto adoption

@florencefinance - REAL World Assets

@cryptostreamhub - Bullish on RWA

@cryptostreamlive - The biggest narrative in crypto

Florence Finance 3rd party Articles:

Blocmates - The Duke of Florence: Join The Revolution

Blocmates - Florence Finance: Bridging DeFi to Real-World Lending

CoinMonks - Chiel Ruiter interview

Hackernoon - How DeFi liquidity merges with real world assets

Florence Twitter Spaces:

Arbitrum x Florence - Building RWA on Arbitrum

Florence x @pablo_veyrat x @twMattt x @DukeFlorence69 x @jediblocmates - All things stablecoins

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