Duke Dash FAQ

Duke Dash Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in Duke Dash?

You can participate by minting a Florence NFT, known as a Duke NFT, and engaging in various activities on our platform, including depositing in RWA Vaults, social interactions, and referrals.

What are the different ranks in Duke Dash, and how do I achieve them?

The ranks include Squire, Count, Earl, Knight, and Archduke. You start as a Squire and ascend ranks by earning points through platform engagement.

Will whales get all the points?

We have created an anti-whale system that is designed to make sure smaller participants earn just as many points as large whales. This means that there having a small amount of money in our vaults for a long period of time is just as valuable as having a large amount of money in the vaults. This means that whales will not earn the most points and it is a fair system where everyone is rewarded fairly.

How much do I earn from referrals?

You will earn 5% of all points that your referee earns. A referee is anyone who mints a Duke with your personal ref link.

What are badges, and how can I earn them?

Badges are awarded for notable contributions to the community, like participating in AMAs, creating standout content, or helping the community grow. They are given directly by the Florence team.

What benefits do I get by achieving higher ranks?

Higher ranks like Archduke offer prestige within the community and may come with exclusive rewards and recognition on the platform.

Can I transfer my Duke NFT and its points to another user?

Yes, when you transfer your Duke NFT, its accumulated points and rank are also transferred to the new holder.

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