How to buy flrEUR?

Let's buy some flrEUR

How to buy flrEUR:

In order to buy flrEUR, the unit of account for the Florence Finance platform, you must go to Camelot on Arbitrum (our chosen DEX) and swap ETH/UDC/USDT for flrEUR. Our liquidity pool is flrEUR/USDC, so we advise swapping using USDC for the least slippage. You will then be greeted with the default crypto-to-crypto swap page. Here you will see ETH and GRAIL. You will need to click on GRAIL which will allow you to search for flrEUR, as we will be swapping ETH for flrEUR in this example.

You will now have set up the swap for ETH to flrEUR. Complete the swap and accept all MetaMask transaction prompts.

*Please check the price impact before making a swap and ensure there is enough liquidity in the pool for your swap*

Once this is completed you will see flrEUR in your wallet. If you do not see your flrEUR balance in your wallet at first, you can click on ‘Import Token’ and add the following address:


You are now all set!

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