🐸Duke NFTs

Mint a Duke NFT and join the Florence Family

Anyone can mint a Duke NFT. The NFT only has value when it earns points. These points will accrue directly to the NFT and if/when the NFT is transferred, its points are also transferred along with it. You can only earn points for one NFT at a time, this means if you mint multiple NFTs and hold them in your wallet, you will only earn points with the first one you minted. So be sure to keep track of which NFT is earning points, if you are selling or transferring your Duke NFT, be sure you know which one has points and which one doesn't.

There are 5 levels that an NFT can achieve:

  • Archduke ( top 20% of points leaderboard)

  • Knight (10 badges earned)

  • Earl (50%-20%)

  • Count (bottom 50%)

  • Squire (0 points)

Archduke of Florence is the highest rank achievable through points and is reserved for only the top 20% holders on the points leaderboard.

Knight is a special rank only for holders who have earned 10 badges. These badges can only be earned through community participation and can only be awarded directly by team members.

Earl is achieved by being in the top 50% of the points leaderboard.

Counts are the bottom 50% of points holders.

Squires are all NFTs that have zero points

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