Primary Funding

What are "primary funders" and how do they work?

Of course, flrEUR and Loan Vault tokens must be created before they can be made available for sale in the secondary market (to solve the well-known “chicken/egg” problem). This is facilitated by whitelisted parties (Primary Funders) that can deposit stablecoins (USDC/EURS) directly into open funding requests in the Loan Vaults.

To become a whitelisted funder, parties must be willing & able to fund larger amounts (>EUR 100k) and provide KYC & AML-related documentation (see here).

In return for such primary funding commitments, parties receive Loan Vault Tokens (“receipt” tokens). These receipt tokens are received directly in their funding wallet and can be exchanged (through the Loan Vault exchange function) for flrEUR tokens which is the unit of account for the Florence Finance protocol at any point in time. The amount of Loan Vault tokens received will always correspond (1:1) to the amount contributed to the open funding request such that the total amount of outstanding Loan Vault Tokens and flrEUR are always 100% backed by the outstanding principal amount (in EUR) of underlying/performing loans (collateral) and accrued interest. Whereas the Loan Vault Tokens accrue a proportional share of the interest generated by the loans underlying a Loan Vault, the flrEUR tokens can be used to exchange Loan Vault exposure; 1) back to Stablecoins, 2) switch exposure from one LoanVault to another, or 3) to earn FFM rewards through the flrEUR staking pool.

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