📈How to earn FFM rewards?

Provide liquidity and earn $FFM

In order to start earning $FFM rewards you need to create a flrEUR - USDC.e LP on Camelot and deposit into Camelot Nitro.

Either search for flrEUR or go directly to the Camelot Nitro flrEUR - USDC.e page.

The Gamma management strategy of the the LP will show you how much of each token is needed to create a position, do not worry if it is not an equal amount of each token, this is normal, the best option is to use Paraswap to buy:

Paraswap = flrEUR

Once you have your USDC.e and flrEUR you are ready to create the LP on Camelot.

Go to = Camelot LP to create a new position

For section 2 select Auto

For section 3 select Gamma as the provider and make sure the Narrow strategy is selected as shown in the image above.

Input how much flrEUR + USDC.e you would like to supply, do not worry if the LP is not fully balanced this is the nature of the stable strategy created by the Gamma vault to help maintain the Euro peg.

Approve both flrEUR and USDC.e

Once approved, click create position, there is no need to lock the position for the $FFM rewards.

Once you have created your flrEUR - USDC.e position you will need to go back to the Camelot Nitro page which can be found here. Simply type FLR into the search to find our Nitro pool.

Then click deposit in the bottom right corner of the page.

Select your LP by clicking on it and click deposit, once deposited you will begin earning $FFM rewards.

To monitor your $FFM rewards go to the Camelot Nitro page here.

You can see your staked positions at the bottom and if you click on the position you will get more details about your rewards.

$FFM reward APR varies depending on how much is deposited, the less that is deposited the higher the APR.

You can claim your rewards once they start to accrue by clicking the Harvest button on your position.

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