👑Duke Dash Incentives

Introducing Duke Dash

Florence Finance, a pioneer in the RWA sector, is excited to launch Duke Dash, a creative campaign that combines Duke NFTs with a tiered reward system, reflecting a user's engagement and dedication within our community.

Earn Points & Level Up 🆙

Duke Dash invites every user to begin their noble journey by minting a Duke NFT, marking their entry into a realm of engagement, achievement, and rewards. As participants delve into various platform activities, they ascend up the leaderboard proving their level of nobility.

Starting as a Squire, your journey in the Duke Dash will be filled with opportunities to earn points and rise through the ranks:

  • Squire: Every participant’s beginning rank.

  • Count: Progress to this rank by being in the bottom 50% of point earners.

  • Earl: Reach higher by breaking into the top 50%-20% on the leaderboard.

  • Knight: Earn this prestigious rank by collecting 10 badges through active community participation.

  • Archduke: The pinnacle of Duke Dash, reserved for the top echelon of point earners.

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