🪙How to earn points?

Earn points and level up your Duke NFT

There are multiple ways users can begin to earn points:

  • Participate in an RWA Vault

  • Social interactions

  • Challenges

  • Competitions

  • Referrals to the platform

To see a quick tutorial on how to earn points click here ⬅️

Participate in an RWA Vault

The simplest and most effective way to earn points is to deposit $flrEUR into one of our RWA Vaults and start earning real-world interest. Up to 9.5% APR and earn points? No brainer!

The amount of points you earn from participating in the RWA Vault depends on two things:

1) How much $flrEUR you deposit in the Vault

2) How long you keep your $flrEUR in the Vault

This means that the more flrEUR you have in the Vault the more points you earn and the longer you keep it in there the more points you earn. However, to avoid whales diluting the points for everyone else we have created a system that means that at a certain point adding more $flrEUR will not make you earn more points. Additionally, the system is designed so that the time you spend in the vault is more valuable than the amount you deposit. This means that even without lots of capital, you can earn lots of points over the long term and compete with someone with more capital.

Both vaults offer the same points rewards to participants. So the risk-reward question needs to be answered independently of your desire to earn points.

Social interactions

To help grow the Florence family users will be able to earn points through various social interactions, such as retweets, likes and sharing content. There will be a fixed points reward for a social interaction such as a retweet. However, only selected social interactions will be able to earn users points.


Throughout the Duke Dash campaign, we will release various challenges that will allow users to earn additional points by completing various challenges and tasks. These events will offer points to only a limited number of participants depending on their performance in the challenge.


We will hold various competitions in collaboration with some of our partners that will allow users to win points, these competitions will be more creativity-based such as artwork competitions, meme competitions, and content competitions. These will be lucrative events for the lucky winners.

Referrals to the platform

Throughout Duke Dash, users will have unique referral links that allow them to invite their friends to take part in the campaign and earn points. When someone mints a Duke NFT using your referral link, they become your referee, when your referee earns points you will be awarded some bonus points depending on the amount of points your referee earns. If your referee mints an NFT and does not earn any points, you will not earn any points. The more referees you have earning points, the more bonus you will receive.

By referring a user you will earn 5% of all points that your referee earns. Simply copy your referral link from the "Your Duke" page on our Dapp. So be sure to send your referral link to your friends so you can earn 5% of the points they earn!

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