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What is Florence V3?

In order to onboard new capital to the Florence ecosystem we have created a new element to the Florence dApp in co-ordination with our friends at Angle.Money.

Florence V3 was built to level up the RWA yield generation game on Arbitrum. With the help of Angle, our new mechanism introduces 'yield stacking,' allowing users to leverage the native yield of stEUR, Angle’s staked Euro stablecoin, alongside the yields within the Florence ecosystem.

With Florence V3, users are able to use Angle's stEUR, which already earns a native yield of 3.38%, to buy our flrEUR token, or they can use agEUR to mint new flrEUR in the Florence Treasury. The flrEUR token is pegged 1:1 to the Euro and backed by the Florence Treasury which consists of deposited agEUR and Florence's real-world loan portfolio.

This new feature of allowing users to mint flrEUR using agEUR means that Florence has the ability to more easily onboard TVL and therefore has the potential to grow the underlying loan portfolio in the future.

Once a user has flrEUR they can either deposit the flrEUR into our RWA Vaults, tapping into yields ranging from 7.25 - 9.5% APR, or they can use flrEUR in combination with stEUR to add liquidity to the Camelot flrEUR / stEUR Nitro pool offering attractive liquid token rewards for liquidity providers.

This allows liquidity providers to enjoy the stEUR native yield on their stEUR position as well as FFM rewards on the flrEUR position thereby creating the ability to “stack” yields. This means that stEUR holders can now earn the native stEUR yield of 3.4% APR while also earning upwards of 20% APR in FFM token rewards. This integration of yield stacking allows Florence to boost the overall liquidity in its ecosystem while also supporting Angle in their RWA mission. Florence V3 offers a compound interest effect that maximizes earning potential in the RWA ecosystem on Arbitrum as well as improving liquidity for Euro stablecoins.

Florence V3 is more than an upgrade; it's a new paradigm in RWA on Arbitrum, combining stability, liquidity, and yield in one integrated ecosystem.

How does Florence V3 work?

Florence V3 introduces a yield-stacking mechanism in collaboration with Angle, aimed at enhancing the RWA yield generation landscape on Arbitrum. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how users can participate and benefit from the updated Florence V3 system:

Step 1: Acquire stEUR or agEUR

  • Option A: Obtain stEUR from Angle.Money to leverage its native yield of 3.38%. This can be bought on Camelot or you can acquire it by staking agEUR on Angle.money.

  • Option B: Directly acquire/mint agEUR, Angle’s Euro stablecoin, which can be minted/borrowed against selected collateral tokens.

Step 2: Use agEUR to mint flrEUR in the Florence Treasury

  • Use your agEUR to mint flrEUR tokens through the Florence Treasury. The newly minted flrEUR is pegged 1:1 to the Euro and backed by a combination of deposited agEUR and/or Florence's real-world loan portfolio.

Step 3: Participate in Yield Stacking

  • Option A: Deposit your flrEUR into RWA Vaults to access yields ranging from 7.25% to 9.5%. This option taps into real-world asset-backed lending opportunities within the Florence ecosystem.

  • Option B: For stEUR holders, a unique opportunity exists to pair stEUR with flrEUR in a Camelot Liquidity Pool (LP). This allows users to earn the native yield of stEUR (3.4% APR) and up to 20% APR in FFM token rewards simultaneously.

  • By participating in this LP, you contribute to boosting the overall liquidity of the Florence ecosystem while benefiting from compounded yield opportunities.

Step 5: Maximize Earning Potential

  • Engage in yield stacking to benefit from a compounded interest effect, maximizing your earning potential within the RWA ecosystem on Arbitrum. This integrated approach ensures you gain from the stability of Euro-pegged tokens and the lucrative yields of the Florence Finance and Angle partnership.

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