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Migrating from Ethereum to Arbitrum
How to migrate from Ethereum to Arbitrum?
Now that we are migrating the Florence protocol to Arbitrum, users who are holding FLR or have deposited in a vault on Ethereum will need to migrate their tokens to Arbitrum. But don't worry we made the transition flow as simple as possible.
Currently, we have our platform deployed on Ethereum and Arbitrum mainnet:
All users will need to withdraw any FLR they have deposited into a Florence Finance Vault on the Ethereum Network. These same vaults now exist on the Arbitrum Network, so if you wish to continue earning real-world yield you can do so by simply depositing FLR into our vaults on Arbitrum.
There are two options for users who are still on the Ethereum network:
  1. 1.
    Redeem EURS for your FLR from the Florence Treasury
  2. 2.
    Bridge your FLR to Arbitrum
Florence Treasury:
The Florence Finance Treasury has enough EURS to satisfy the redemption of all FLR on the Ethereum Network. Simply withdraw your FLR from the Vault, go to the Treasury page in our dApp, and exchange your FLR for EURS.
Bridge FLR to Arbitrum:
If you wish to bridge your FLR tokens from Ethereum to Arbitrum then you will need to go to the Official Arbitrum Bridge and add the FLR token.
FLR token address: 0x5E5d9aEeC4a6b775a175b883DCA61E4297c14Ecb
To add the FLR token, click the ETH symbol then input the FLR token address into the "Select token" box and click "Add". You will then be able to input the amount of FLR you wish to bridge to Arbitrum, click the "Bridge" button, and now your FLR tokens are on their way to Arbitrum.\
Once you receive your FLR on Arbitrum you can then go to the Florence Finance dApp and deposit it into the vault of your choosing and start earning real-world yield on Arbitrum.
If you have any issues with this process then go to our Telegram group and a team member will be able to assist you.